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Mizzen by Mott:

The tool educators need, providing guidance they can use, and content their students will love.

Mizzen is currently in development. To learn more or get involved, contact us.

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The Mizzen app by Mott draws a direct line between afterschool educators and the content they need to keep kids learning — long after the last school bell has rung.

Our aim is to increase the quality of content and instruction for afterschool programs, along with the capabilities of afterschool teachers and networks.

With just a few simple swipes,
instructors can access:

  • A simple, tactical system for taking attendance, tracking student progress, and more.
  • A library of innovative, educational content from major providers—already vetted and ready for immediate use in the classroom, cafeteria, or rec center gym.
  • All the tools they need to create lessons, plan activities, and keep their kids active and engaged.
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The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is a private philanthropy that supports efforts to promote a just, equitable and sustainable society. From the Foundation’s earliest days, efforts to expand educational opportunity have been a cornerstone of its work. The Foundation Mr. Mott launched in 1926 in Flint, Michigan, today has offices in three countries and assets of more than $3 billion. The Foundation has given away more than it’s currently worth, awarding grants totaling more than $3.3 billion to organizations in 62 countries.

With its long commitment to providing opportunities and safe spaces for children and youth to learn and grow, the Foundation has become a champion of afterschool and summer learning programs — and the Mizzen app is its next major step. Conceived, funded and built by the Foundation, the app aims to address a critical shortage of high-quality content and services. It places a comprehensive library of classroom activities, lessons, and instructional tools into the hands of educators, empowering them to create a stronger, more engaging learning environment for their afterschool students. And all at no cost to the educators.

It’s part of the Mott Foundation’s educational vision — a world where all children are given equal access to a meaningful education and programs that actively support their development and growth.